3 Facts to Prove You Need eLearning for Sales and Marketing

Key Points:

  • eLearning for sales and marketing is important for three main reasons: improved company efficiency, a boost in sales, and an empowered team.
  • By 2030, 75 % of the workforce is made up of millennials. 
  • Companies with “comprehensive training programs” have a stunning 24% higher profit margins.
  • For every dollar spent on eLearning, companies make back $30 in employee productivity. 

Giving appropriate training programs for the marketing and sales department can deliver great company benefits. When the company provides necessary training in sales techniques, marketing, and customer service, there is an assurance of a high return on investment through increased sales and improved customer service.

Also, marketers should not be left behind when it comes to eLearning. In the first place, they keep the money coming. The marketing team needs to connect with the audience and generate leads. Therefore, they need every support they can have from the company.

It’s high time for the executives to consider eLearning for sales and marketing.

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Training Needs for Sales and Marketing

Keep these tips in mind when considering eLearning for sales and marketing.

1. Review your company’s goals and see how the marketing team can help.

2. Conduct a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) analysis to identify gaps in the company’s performance.

  • Poor sales performance might be the result of an ineffective selling technique or weak negotiation skills. In fact, customers report that 58% of their meetings with a salesman is not valuable.
  • A low number of returning customers suggest a need for customer service training.

3. Assess the training needs of the group. What do they need to contribute to the company’s goals?

4. Set measurable training objectives. What do you want your marketing team to attain at the end of each course?

5. Decide what training is required to attain the objectives. It might include

  • SEO for the company’s webpages
  • customer service
  • social media and digital marketing
  • marketing strategies
  • IT training
  • soft skills
  • product details

6. Consult with LMS professionals for the best training design for the team because there are essential things you need to consider when choosing an LMS.

7. Measure the impact of the eLearning on the teams’ performance. You can use a survey to get feedback from costumers and the employees as well.

8. Assess if the online tools were useful in achieving the company’s marketing goals.

9. The plan for another course depends on the result of the employee’s performance and the company’s sales outcomes.


eLearning for Sales and Marketing

1. Improved Company Efficiency

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2030, 75 % of the workforce is made up of millennials.  Since the workforce keeps the company on top of the game, executives must always be looking for a way to help their employees increase productivity and keep up with the fast-changing market.  Since millennials learn faster by using a gadget or digital tool, eLearning can be the best way to provide them with training.

2. Increased Sales

Every business aims to sell more, look for the quicker launching of products and services, improve customer service, and hold customers. When the marketing team is empowered to reach their highest potential, they help the company boost sales and performance.

According to a report, companies with “comprehensive training programs” have a stunning 24% higher profit margins.

Therefore, for employees to perform better, the company must train them in marketing techniques to make better sales and increase profits. Companies must ensure that the team understands their products well and have the strategies to get returning costumers.

3. Empowered team

For every dollar spent on eLearning, companies make back $30 in employee productivity.  As a result, organizations are looking for ways to empower their sales team to cope with the fast-changing global market and increase productivity. eLearning makes this possible because:

  • Employees can access the training course at their most convenient time without disrupting workflow.
  • Training is personalized. Employees can choose what part of the learning course they need to learn more.
  • It helps new hires gain enough knowledge about the company’s specific sales processes.
  • It improves knowledge retention. eLearning for sales and marketing must focus on the product features and benefits and how it will add value to the customers. Since online learning improves learning retention, the sales team become more effective in their marketing techniques and boost sales.
  • It provides fast and reliable product training. Even before the company launches a product or service, it needs to provide a rigid but quick training on its features.
  • It gives employees the advantage of meeting marketing goals while taking the course.
  • It provides the employees with immediate access to the product’s content whenever they need it, whether at home, in the warehouse, or on the road. The information required by the sales team is endless. They need to know about the company, its customers, and competitors. And they need it on time.
  • Employees don’t need to worry even if they’re located around the globe since everything they need to know is just a click away. The sales force is always on the go, and they need a learning package that they can carry with them.
  • It extends the learning cycle. Even after finishing the course, employees can still access the course and review the content they need when closing a deal.
  • It expands employee’s marketing techniques. A report states that 61% of companies implementing social selling have observed revenue growth. This data shows that there’s no one-size-fits-all marketing technique, and the company must provide learning opportunities for the employees to be experts in different marketing techniques.

At present, more and more companies are turning to the digital world for their employees’ training needs. It is a fact that online learning can cater to the different growth and development needs of a company. It can significantly boost the company’s sales growth and improve employees’ marketing performance. Therefore, now is the time for company executives to consider eLearning for sales and marketing. EdTech Club works with Elearn2Grow that has a team of digital learning professionals who can help startups and enterprises to improve team engagement, create disruptive digital learning transformation, and provide professional advice.

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