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Great training to learn the basics of Agile. Simple and Efficient !

Nicolas Kep

Beautiful and simple to use interface to learn new things, I enjoyed the experience.

Rantsa Rabenandrasana / Bocasay

Well structured and offered me a big picture on what is Agile and what are the several frameworks like Kanban and Scrum

Annie / -

Great! Lot of Information but I learned a lot.

Michael Lau

Clear and concise content explained at the lowest level without boring those who have experience.


Excellent training course! A lot of great information

Omar Chaar

I learnt many new things with this course. Thanks again.

Sue Wan

Very good introduction to the agile method!

Elodie Swora / Maltem Consulting Group

An excellent course about agile, very useful with tons of interresting informations. Thanks

Philippe / Passion4humanity

Course helped me to understand aspects of Agile methodologies and gave me better view on XP, Scrum and Kanban too


Great! Lot of Information but I learned a lot.

Antonio Sanchez

Clear and concise content explained at the lowest level without boring those who have experience.

Hassan Salime

It was useful for me, will definately help me.

Vivek Chandran

It’s really a nice course. Good for beginners as well as for the corporate people who wants to learn Agile

Fabio R.

I’m very glad I took this course. This course has touched on all relevant skills I wanted to learn.

Mansan Wang

Hear why online learning is a great training choice

What eLearn2grow Academy is?

eLearn2grow Academy is a skills energizer digital platform that boosts jobseekers and employees looking to upskill by assessing their skills, defining their underlying goals, fill-in the learning gaps and boosting confidence using the power of educational technologies and social learning.

Why eLearn2grow Academy?

In our fast-moving work environment, this is a real challenge to stay on top of your skills, to truly know them. We are evolving in an individual and competitive environment. To enhance yourself is to enhance your skills, to be on the move, to keep learning.

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